Thursday, November 17, 2005

I understand why you are here.

Friends, This is not going to be an ordinary blog spot. There will be tons of Information placed here from hence forth. Hardwork from me, and you will bring in this blog the really speak for its name.

Will be Scratching the basics well, as we always do the mistake of climbing the tree directly, without even analysing what sort of tree, we climb, and the basic nature..

For .Net, no matter which version may it be 2003 or 2005. We will concentrate on the basics. Interview Questions, and Important shared articles.

Soon this blog will find a way into a public portal..

So, Frenz this is a request placed to you.
Share and Pass this information to your friends, who are in need.

Together we will make this a grant Sucess.

- John Patrick Philip
Crazy Microsoft Follower.


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